For Sale


AA PRF Divinia 193

Tattoo: 193 | Reg: #44288333
DOB: 4/1/2021 | Polled
Sire: CHEZ Divergent
Dam: AA Enya 637
This maternal made daughter of Divergent has cow power written all over her. Backed by a daughter of Encore on the dam side, you can't go wrong here. A kid friendly heifer that has all the added power and functionality you need to improve your herd. After she is done hanging purple banner this summer, sit back and watch this one produce for you!


AA TM Sorena 190

Tattoo: 190 | Reg: #44329568
DOB: 4/1/2021 | Scurred
Sire: Grassy Run Super Sport 5032
Dam: AA TM Sorena 16
Not a better way to kick off our 2nd Annual Time Tested online sale! This April Super Sport daughter has the wow factor about her! She's an ultra feminine heifer that still has all the added shape and dimension you could want yet still maintains the structural integrity you want in a female. Bid with confidence, this one is flat good!


AA TM Suri 178

Tattoo: 178 | Reg: #44329567
DOB: 3/15/2021 | Polled
Sire: Grassy Run Super Sport 5032
Dam: AA TM Irene 2
Another Super Sport daughter that has all the extra length and extension for the long haul. This March heifer combines functionality and flashiness in a unique, sound package. Don't miss the opportunity to own this high quality heifer.


AA Dia 175

Tattoo: 175 | Reg: #44285252
DOB: 3/5/2021 | Polled
Sire: CHEZ Divergent
Dam: AA Angelica 515
Cow Power! Backed by a high quality New Design cow on the dam side and sired by Divergent you can't go wrong. This sleek fronted, dark red female is one that always catches your eye with all of the added balance she has.


AA HRD Summer 139

Tattoo: 139 | Reg: #44284836
DOB: 2/9/2021 | Horned
Sire: Grassy Run Super Sport 5032
Dam: AA HRD Tory 934
This horned Super Sport daughter is outright massive. She's so bold in her top shape and yet has all the forerib to go with it. Don't be misled, this female is still tremendous in her build and correct in her structure. Bid with confidence on this show heifer/brood cow prospect.


AA Sorani 130

Tattoo: 130 | Reg: #44285004
DOB: 2/1/2021 | Polled
Sire: Grassy Run Super Sport 5032
Dam: AA Diana 961
Another stylish Super Sport daughter that can get out and produce in your herd. Ultra long in her skeleton, good on her feet and legs, yet does so in a balanced package.


AA PRF Percilla 105

Tattoo: 105 | Reg: #44284881
DOB: 1/10/2021 | Polled
Sire: HB AA Perfectly Smooth 8036
Dam: AA PRF Emelie 949
This stylish and flashy Perfectly Smooth daughter goes back to the great Encore cow 637. Perfectly Smooth sired our high seller in our last fall sale. One I knew I had to offer up for public appraisal because she's simply too high quality no to. Clean in her lines, sound, and functional. She will be prolific in the show ring and the donor pen.


HB AA Frannie 1712

Tattoo: 1712 | Reg: #44235986
DOB: 3/8/2021 | Polled
Sire: AA HRD Achieve 879
Dam: HB AA Made of Honor 8133
A super unique heifer out of our Achiever son. She's so massive and robust, yet impeccable from the profile and on the move. A March heifer with loads of upside that will make a difference in your herd and show line up this summer. Owned with Hunt Bros.


HB AA Frannie 1720

Tattoo: 1720 | Reg: #44235986
DOB: 4/6/2021 | Polled
Sire: AA HRD Achieve 879
Dam: HB AA Made of Honor 2142
A really balanced and functional female backed by our Achiever son. This heifer has all the right pieces to make a phenomenal show project and is a heifer you can breed back many ways and be successful. You will have trouble finding a hole in this high quality female that will produce for years to come.